Statement of Distinctives
At any given time, certain issues become controversial in the church.
The Calvary Chapel Church feels it necessary
to take a stand in the following areas:

We hold to:

1. The inerrancy of Scripture.

2. The continuance today of the diversities of spiritual gifts as found in     1 Corinthians 12:4-11.

3. Simplicity in church government, rather than a complex bureaucracy.

4. A dependence upon the Holy Spirit to lead rather than fleshly promotion.

5. The pre-millennial, pre-tribulation return of Christ for His waiting Church.

6. The teaching of the Word of God in such a way that it can be applied to life as beneficial towards a growing maturity.

We reject:

1. The teaching of “positive confession”.

2. The belief that true-Christians can be possessed by demons.

3. “Dominion theology” or “kingdom theology”.

4. A fatalistic Calvinistic view, which allows no room for free will.

5. Prophesy that supersedes biblical scripture.

6. “Charismania” (the over-emphasis upon spiritual gifts, experiential signs and wonders, etc.).